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the police to keep us safe. >> we have to do everything safe. >> we have to do everything we can to keep a safe.much? to make the area has been be >> tonight. john: "the police state"? america is not a police state the we're pretty free. for the most part but we didn't learn that they grabbed records of phone calls and the males and a and who we talked to the and when i am not that upset i figure might political enemies already spy on me but is duse's slippery slope leading to terrible things. but there was already things that my government does that upset me more. radley balko writes about them in his new book radley balko one dash "rise of the warrior cop." what do you mean? >> call on r&d and undressed and trade like soldiers and military tactics. john: and the equipment tanks, helicopters, . >> guns, and for a long time they were reserved for each emergency situations like the escaped fugitive for the active and schuster or hostage-taking situation. john: you want to go there with power. >> lives are at stake at a think anybody is opposed to using a s.w.a.t. team but they're overwhel
want the police to keep us safe. >> we have to do everything safe. >> we have to do everything we can to keep a safe. much? to make the area has been be >> tonight. john: "the police stat? america is not a police state the we're prettyfree.. for the most part but we didn't learn that they grabbed records of phone calls and the males and a and who we talked to the and when i am not that upset i figure might political enemies already spy on me but is duse's slippery slope leading to terrible things. but there was already things that my government does that upset me more. radley balko writes about them in his new book radl balko one dash "rise of the warrior cop." what do you mean? >> call on r&d and undressed and trade like soldiers and military tactics. john: and the equipmt tanks, helicopters, . >> guns, and for a long time they were reserved for each emergency situations like the escaped fugitive for the active and schuster or hostage-taking situation. john: you want to go there with power. >> lives are at stake at a think anybody is opposed to using a s.w.a.t. team but they're overw
manager or any of the property managers and, you know, ask -- that would be helpful to us if we can learn what the perception is out on the street, if it's different from what we're perceiving. >> the perception out on the street is people on the street don't know what's available at the port for rent, first of all. and i don't think it's advertised probably well enough is one issue. [speaker not understood] perception i got long before i became a commissioner, not something yesterday or the day before. i'm hearing because i'm the commissioner. it's that i've heard it for many years. so, and i don't necessarily like to hear it. i'm just trying to come up with -- understand you guys come up with some ways to improve it. >> over the years i think we have. we strive, we continually look at our process. we continually make changes. so, we're here for you to guide us and help us with that process. and we have committed to look at our website and how we put our vacancies on our website. it works for us, but it might not work for the general public. so, we're going to look at that. and make some
is called for the u.s. to suspend military aid to egypt and call the ouster of mohamed morsi a coup. then, didn't eight-year-old spy for america? we look at how u.s. allies in yemen used a child the place electronic chips on the man he considered to be his surrogate father. days later, the man was killed in u.s. drone strike. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. brotherhoode muslim has called on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi to join the nationwide day of rage today to protest the killings of hundreds of people in a crackdown that began with raids on two cairo sit ins. according to the health ministry, the death toll from wednesday's violence has risen to 638 with thousands more wounded. on thursday, the government authorized security forces to use live ammunition to defend themselves and public buildings. president obama responded to the situation in egypt from martha's vineyard where he is on vacation . he condemned the violence, but stopped short of calling it a coup or announcing cuts to the
. obviously maritime uses are important, both because it takes advantage of this wonderful asset on the water and because it's so important for trust consistency and bcdc approve. i think our proposals are very similar. in both cases i think the teams are proposing to rehabilitate the existing floating dock of the north. we are also proposing during the long-term phase to build and do guest stock along the south. the guest stock along the south would really operate part of the south beach harbor complex there and could be for both permanent docking and for larger craft that are guest docking. the floating dock on the north is more of a light duty facility and would be good for small craft launching for a human craft like kayak launching as well as ongoing taxi service which would serve both this project, of core, the brannan street wharf. in addition, of course, we would have some maritime facilities inside the building to serve the boaters who are coming and going. i had been -- was involved many years in the operation of south beach harbor which i'm happy to hear the port will soon be opera
artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, a
their rates of nonviolent crime and drug use are not that much different than ours. so if another country were to lock up its own people at the rate that we do, and if our rates of incarceration were more normative to the rest of the world, we would regard with that other country was doing as a massive violation of human rights. that's the way we would look at it. now, the other point here is what we're doing is not even consistent with american history. i mean, we had 500,000 people behind bars in 1980 and now we have 2.3 million, 2.4 million people behind bars and almost have 5,000 people behind bars just for a drug violation. there are as many people behind bars for a drug violation than we had for everything in 1980. it's not consistent with global standards and not consistent with our own history. it's costing a vast amount of money and i think what you see is for some of the d.a.'s and others are beginning to say enough is enough. we're seeing prison populations beginning to decline but when it comes down to the question, who are the first people we should stop putting behind bars? who i
investigated and spent 60 days in jail in 1986 for fraud charges that were later dropped. the u.s. one sink used him of being -- once accused him of being involved in the drug trade, an accusation he strongly denied. he claims to have put his past behind him. >> i am not in politics to make myself rich. i am in politics to serve the people. >> he convincingly won elections in april, returning to power the party that was in office for 60 years and played a key role in supporting the military from 1954 to 1989. the party eventually lost to this man, a former bishop in 2008. his controversial impeachment by congress last year led to paraguay boss -- paraguay's exclusion from the regional trade bloc. it is clear the new president has bridges to build. >> we can say we have contradictions between what he said during his campaign and the first weeks of his the -- and the first weeks of his presidency, and now. >> he has chosen technocrats and business people for notes. placing the presidential sash in a peaceful transfer of power has not been the norm in paraguay. democracy in paraguay is among t
i'm going to give it all to the intrepid fallen heroes fund. but i want my money. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper starts right now. >>> piers, thanks. good evening. it's 10:00 on the east coast. breaking news and shocking video as the death toll climbs in egypt. also, with his little girl's life on the line, a father confronts chris christie for the signature he believes can save her life, allowing 2-year-old vivian wilson the medical marijuana she needs. >>> later, my conversation about trayvon martin, the n word and race in america. >>> we begin with the growing carnage in egypt and what if anything america can do to stop it. the second part of that, what to do is unclear. the cost in human lives is plain to see. moments ago, the muslim brotherhood spokesman announcing over twitter that friday will be a day of anger, calling for marches after noon prayers. also tonight, the death toll from yesterday's clashes revised upwards significantly. the state-run tv station in egypt saying at least 580 people were killed in fighting yesterday, and 4,000 wounded. 580 killed, 4,000
to see us. and so, i think that once again, i go back to the fact that under the current system, because we have so many of those individuals who were once incarcerated at the state level, being pushed down to the counties, there's no room at the end in terms of the county jails. so misdemeanors aren't going to be sentenced to county jail but will be sentenced in community service or whatever. and for those individuals who do need some measure of control and supervision to deal about -- deal with their conviction problems, it's not going to happen at the misdemeanor level. >> let me go to a couple of the questions from the audience. i've shared them with our district attorney. george, two questions there, one related to whether or not drug possession should be treated differently for adults than from juveniles. and then a question about back on track, whether or not that program would be positively or adversely affected by senator leno's proposal. >> yes, let me start with the first question concerning juveniles. i think juveniles definitely need to be treated differently, and certainly
. thank you for watching. it's opinion nice to have you with us but that's it for my week. first week on the air. thanks for being here. "around the world" starts right now. [ gunshots ] tear gas, gunfire and a curfew that goes into effect in less than an hour. reporters are in the thick of it. >>> the latest bombshell from edward snowden. a new report details how the nsa has violated the privacy of americans like you not one, not twice but more than a thousands a year since 2008. ♪ >>> she is only 11 years old but she's already won international piano competitions in three k countries and she's going to play at carnegie hall. welcome to you. i'm in for suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. a new wave of violence is erupting in egypt right now. supporters of deposed president morsi has declared this is friday of anger. reza says security forces are battling thousands of protesters in downtown cairo. gun violence and tear gas has been used and dozens of people have been injured. tear gas was fired at protesters headed toward ramsey square. the demonstrators are defieing a state of eme
. it is important for us to understand what the cbos are doing. it is important for them to have specific training for their individuals. they should also have some guidelines and some criteria to evaluate their successes, on a quarterly and yearly basis. >> thank you. last question. what are the types of job opportunities that are available for at risk youth? what are the funding opportunities? >> there are not many job opportunities right now. with the way that funding is currently, it is only being reduced. what we try to do is think creative. we try to create an internship programs, where we try to confuse -- infuse youth. we utilize a lot of non-western ways of trying to have youth identified. we infuse political education so they can make a good choice. there are other programs like oasis. there are not many opportunities, not everybody could work -- all the work permits required. it also requires a social security number. alternative pathways are a good way to go, such as those internship opportunities. use these venues as an opportunity to have kids reflect and make positive choices by lea
you? >> at there point, nothing surprises us. >> reporter: pressure is building to find way to oust a mayor who doesn't want to budge. he says he may have found way. laid out in his memo, the city's charter has a little used sex about firing city officers for unauthorized use of city money. cnn obtained the mayor's credit card statement showing charge ls at a san diego hotel, restaurants that are indeed, says the city attorney, personal expenses. >> somebody is so brazen and abusive and personal often, often that translates into the same type of conduct in financial affairs. >> the women who say he was sexually inappropriate or this investigation of his finances? >> reporter: they're equally important. they're equally damaging. here is the difference. the city attorney believes in as far as the expenditures, the credit card charges is in black and white. he feels he can move rapidly and quickly. this may be the ticket to get the mayor out quickly. remember there's this recall effort under way. >> thank you. we'll keep our eye on it. >>> turning 50 can be a big deal. michelle obama i
david peace treaty in 1978 that's been coupled to the united states, especially the u.s. military with egypt receiving about a billion and a half dollars a year in aid. president obama has not cut off the money nor referred to the military take over as a coup which would shut off the dollars automatically. we got a full panel, arwa damon is there in cairo for us live, egyptian journalist mona eltahawy and robin wright and special news week and daily beast correspondent brian and former bush white house spokesperson. >> hundreds dead, thousands injured. can you take us through what happened there today and what to expect what was just announced, friday of anger? >> well, when we compare the situation to what took place yesterday, significantly calmer but that does not mean this crisis is by any stretch of the imagination over. the streets of cairo were pretty empty throughout the entire day. of course, the curfew in place. second night in a row with curfew and state of emergency, of course, to last for a month. you talked about the attacks on the churches there. we heard various re
and also the chair of the land use committee. and i just wanted to talk to you a little bit about west portal today and what i perceive to be the park needs of that neighborhood, which is a real family neighborhood. i mean, i chose that neighborhood because of the open space in the area, very green. it had two parks within each walking distance of our home. mount davidson and west portal playground, and my children both went to west portal school. and, so, i just -- some of the changes that i've seen in the neighborhood in terms of access to open space -- in fact, all of them have been for the worst. and i just wanted to talk to you about them and my ideas of how to address them. when i raised my kids in west portal playground there was a woman, i think her name was pat, who was on staff every day starting early in the morning, and she would literally rake the sand every day, every morning so that when the kids got there, any objects that might be in the sand had been removed. and she would sweep the sand on the sidewalk so that the kids could run around. that person -- there is no per
to get to work are making alternative plans. >> actually, i need to use san mateo bridge. i used to use that one every day, too. >> the toll bridge oversight committee voted to make a temporary fix to the bolt problems. steel plates will be put in place to prevent movement during an earthquake. >>> and we're now 18 days until the opening of the new bay bridge. stay with abc 7 news for coverage and the big opening on september 3rd. >>> the sex offender who is a person of interest in the death of an oakland woman made a brief court appearance. amy, was this a related charge? >> reporter: that's right, kristen, but we learned today that randy was not allowed to have any contact with sandra coke. elana is being held for a parole violation and the judge decided this morning to continue to hold him in jail and decided not to set bail. today, we learned what police believe he did to violate his parole. >> well, the judge said that there were various terms and conditions of parole that he's accused of violating. and one of them was having contact with sandra coke. another was not charging his g
. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? "abc world news america." america."rld news reporting from washington, i'm laura trevelyan. violence returns to the streets of egypt. at least 50 people are killed as the muslim brotherhood's day of anger results in fierce battles with security forces. >> the last couple of minutes, there was fire into the wall just above where we were. several hundred people in the crowd have retreated. all this is a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo. >> thousands gathered to remember the 34 miners killed in south africa last year. mine officials say they are truly sorry. taking us in through music history. we will introduce you to our bones you have probably never heard of before, and maybe for good reason. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. it was legit again today on the
>> welcome to the "journal" on dw. >> thanks for joining us. coming up, a powerful car bomb hits southern beirut. at least or teen are dead in a stronghold of the militant group hezbollah. >> the crisis in egypt. global condemnation as cairo admits more than 500 were killed in the violence. >> politicians remember world war ii. >> it's the biggest attack of its kind in southern beirut in a generation. at least 14 people were killed and more than 100 wounded as a car bomb blew up in a stronghold of the militant group hezbollah. >> the attack comes just weeks after another bombing in the area wounded 50. the violence adding to fears that lebanon is being sucked into the civil war in neighboring syria. >> we talk about that with a correspondent in beirut in a moment, but first, this report on today's attack. >> the blast ripped through a southern suburb of the lebanese capital wreaking havoc. ambulances rushed to the scene to tend to the dozens of casualties and transport them to hospitals. cars were ablaze and people were trapped in nearby burning buildings. authorities said it cou
from cairo and debate options for the u.s. >> woodruff: then, the u.s. defense department rolled out its plan to curb sexual assaults in the military. we dig into the details and discuss whether more needs to be done. >> brown: the maker of the painkiller oxycontin refuses to disclose a full list of doctors who may over-prescribe the addictive drug. we have the latest on an investigation by the los angeles times and new pressure from lawmakers. >> woodruff: the nation of myanmar is home to one of the world's most persecuted minorities-- the rohinga. we have the harrowing tale of what happens when this group of muslims try to flee to safety. >> it looks like a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat. >> brown: and say hello to the olinguito-- the newly-discovered mammal species. we talk to the scientist who helped find the furry creature. >> a detective's trail from skins and skulls in a museum all the way down to a cloud forest in the western slopes in the andes in ecuador, first realizing the animal was a new species and then seeing the new species in the wild. >> woodruff: that'
states, especially the u.s. military, with egypt receiving about $1.5 billion a year in american aid. second only to what israel gets. president obama has neither cut off the money or referred to the military takeover as a coup. in a moment, we'll talk about what the u.s. options are now, if any. we have a full panel. arwa damon is in cairo live. mona el tahari on the phone. special "newsweek" correspondent peter binehart. he's the editor of daily beast. and former bush white house spokesman ari fleishman. arwa, can you take us through what happened today and what is to expect on the just announced, friday of anger. >> reporter: when we compare the situation to yesterday, it was significantly calmer. but that does not mean that this crisis is by any stretch of the imagination over. the streets of cairo were pretty empty throughout the entire day. of course, now there is that curfew in play, state of emergency also of course to be lasting for about a month. you were talking about the attacks on churches there. we've been hearing various reports that the number is much higher. at least
these started. 1980. 1981. peak years of the cold war. right? when the u.s. and the soviet union were trying to divide the world between them and us. everybody expanding their spheres of influence. right? the u.s. and the "u.s.s. r." pressuring other countries in the world to aly with the west or ally with the east. cementing military ties for the west in egypt, egypt which has the biggest population in the middle east, in many ways the strongest arab nation, yeah, that was reward for them signing a peace treaty with israel and also a way to keep them in the west, on our side of the big game. now even today the egyptian military uses tanks built by general dynamics. they fly boeing apache attack helicopters. their fighter jet pilots fly lockheed martin f-16s. and every two years since the early 1980s, these giant war games, these giant fake wars in egypt, they further cement the military relationships between egypt and the west. they cement the interoperability of egypt's troops with american troops. and now all the other countries that participate or that formally observe those war games, t
't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ? >> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage. when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for >> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you c
. [applause] >> thank you. at this time, i would like to ask an iraq war veteran to come and lead us -- is that better? i'm sorry. i would like to ask jim, an iraq war veteran to come to the podium and lead us into the pledge of allegiance. [applause] >> good evening. [citing "pledge of allegiance"] >> fellow democrats, at this time, i would like to -- excuse me. at this time, i would like to iowaduce the chair of the democratic party, scott. he will come up and kick off this grand event. many speakers have come this evening. at this time, if he is ready, we will bring him up. [applause] >> thank you, larry. thank you for being with us here tonight. for those who i have not met before, my name is scott. i am the chair of your great iowa democratic artie. -- party. [applause] it is great that you could all be here this evening. before i begin, i want to say thank you to the northern iowa democratic party for another great wing ding. this is my third wing ding. most importantly, thank you to all of you for your time and your hard work and your commitment. you represent the back of our
the interior ministry had warned that live fire would be used if security forces were attacked. it all escalated quickly. first tear gas then automatic weapons from the police station. i did not see demonstrators with guns, but the official media hearsay many in the crowd were armed. say many in the crowd were armed. some bullets came very close. there was fire into the walls in the last couple of minutes just above where we were. for hundred people in the crowd -- several hundred people in the crowd have retreated. a sign of the danger on the streets of cairo, the divided nature of society, the absolutely combustible mixture of people who oppose the military coup, people who support the muslim brotherhood, versus badly armed security forces. further down the square, other people were trying to get out of the line of fire. some jumped or fell. in ramseys square itself, they pulled out steel fences to use as barricades. it wasn't just happening in cairo. this was alexandria on the mediterranean coast, egypt's second city. clashes and deaths have been reported from across the cou
about it? >> well, if you could help us clear the wreckage on the left hand side of the road, it would be good. my party, conservatives, want to drive on the right hand side of the road. we're distracted in the destination ahead by the wreck of cap and trade, the wreck of a carbon revenue positive carbon tax. we have to get rid of the wreckage then drive to the destination. >> i think that is shockingly naive. we're going to have to go back at it again. bob inglas. thanks. the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> good evening, chris. thank you very, very much. >>> in november 1981 the united states invaded egypt by air. 850 paratroopers from the 82nd airborne in north carolina, look at that, they flew from north carolina to egypt and dropped out of the sky all at once. >> 14 hours after taking off from north carolina, american paratroopers landed in the egyptian desert. it was the biggest task so far for the rapid deployment force. 850 members of the 82nd airborne, and tons of weapons and equipment were over the drop site precisely on time and on the ground six minutes l
. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are you addicted to the net? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. things are getting serious. 2011, 3300 people were involved were involved in vehicle crashes. actually died while using a cell phone in the car. astounding 65% of all drivers in america ages 18 to 64, report they have talked on the cell phone while driving. and there is more. 70% of sex addicts report having a problem online. the national council on sexual addiction say there could be as many as 20 million people. also a study led by the university of michigan says the more americans use facebook the worse they feel about themselves. and a study by oxford university found that too much social media damages interpersonal relationships. so, there is no question that this machine, this machine is causing an immense amount of damage all over the world. so how are you dealing with that? here are questions. do you text while eating? do you text while talking with another person? do you spend more than two hours a day on
and letting us know, you know you are correct. there is a lot of new legislation coming down the pike. and it is effecting every neighborhood has their own definition and it is not the same. and i do believe that we need some type of uniformty and that this needs to be brought up. and everybody has their own opinions and it has been in the paper a lot lately, in both and so i really appreciate your comments this evening and it is not an easy one and you are right. there is a lot of legislation coming up regarding this. so, an item number four to discussion and i would like to, and i see that we have some here, the commissioners and any thoughts and any ideas and any thoughts that you may have on this subject and i will start with commissioner ortiz. >> we should call for public comment first. unless there are other commissioner questions? >> we will go through questions first and then we will have public comment. >> i am thinking about in the last meeting we had the haze valley and we saw some conditional use, and i think that the question that popped in my head is like internet giant
that our land use plan and types of use in particular the maximum feasible public access is something that bcdc wrote in place and this is something that can be permitted with the combination of uses. and perhaps most importantly we've been very conscious of making sure that we are proposing a mix of uses the right balance that will be consistent with the public trust. the historic rehabilitation of the building to secretary standards is itself a trust use combined with the balance of restaurant and retail as well as the new apron and the bayside history walk, we believe will allow the appropriate balance with the office space that is needed to make this project financially feasible. and we believe that we do have a regulatory strategy that will get us through a reasonable amount of time. matt walked through some of the economics of phase 1. phase ii, we have not yet submitted a formal proposal that has not been requested at this time, but obviously it's a major project through the entire pier. development costs would be in excess of $100 million. we would be requesting the full 66-ye
is live for us on treasure island with more on that. charles? over labor day 2006, the eastbound lanes of the bridge were closed so crews could demolish portions of the old roadway in san francsico. one year later, the entire bridge was shutdown over labor day so caltrans could move a 200 foot section of roadway into place just east of yerba buena island. in 2009, there was another full closure over labor day as caltrans finished work on the s-curve detour along the eastern span. then in 2011, the eastbound lanes were closed over memorial day weekend so those lanes could be re- aligned near the toll plaza. the last major planned closure of the bridge was over president's day weekend in 2012 when the west bound lanes were realigned to make room for work on the new span. tonight police in walnut creek need your help in catching the four people who burglarized the tiffany's store downtown. just hours ago we received this new surveillance photo from police. they say shows a the vehicle used to flee the scene of the heist. apparently a white chevy blazer. this picture taken just 90 seconds
. >>brian: if you've ever flown next to tucker carlson, write us because aoebl shannon is -- because i believe shannon is correct. >>tucker: i take the train. >>brian: shannon, tell us what's happening. >>shannon: chaos in egypt as they brace for more protest today. this as the muslim brotherhood calls for a nationwide day of rage. president obama joining ex-military comments. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as violence continues in the streets. >>shannon: the u.s. supplies $1.3 billion in aid to egypt but the president says that could be on the chopping block if the violence continues. >> he's accomplished the remarkable feat in the last two and a half years of alienating every single faction in egypt. he just needs to back off now and accept the fact the egyptians have come to this path themselves, and they will have to resolve it. >>shannon: this as the death toll continues to rise from this week's bloody crackdown on muhammad morsi supporters. nearly 650 people have been confirmed killed, thousands more injured. >>> troubled actress lisa robin kelly who stars on that
are not a good mix. ~ trucks an entire grove of trees is used for a parking lot of trucks. the same location we talked about last year. there is a lot of paving in golden gate park. let's see if we can get the trucks off the tree roots and onto the paving. next, please. trucks should not drive under tree canopies. we have trucks driving right by them. there is a street right next to it. let's keep the trucks in the street. next, please. you see this tree here, is this tree important? is it worth protecting? next, please. i think it is. remember, it takes 60 years to grow a 60 year old tree. next, please. fencing, fencing protects vegetation during the concerts. this is good and this is one of the things that outside lands excels at. however, fencing also locks people out of their park for two weeks and degrades the park experience. this is not good. next, please. i want you to be able to see the top is the mass of the festival and the fence around it. but the map shows only the fencing around the interior part. the lower map shows the interior blue is the festival fencing for the concert itself
forward. >> give that to each one of them, please. >> do you want us to read it first and then you'll proceed? alright. >> i want to thank you, my name is dr. espanola jackson, bayview hunter's point, this has nothing do with you but this is some history of bayview hunter's point. the last time i was here and i have been waiting on when the agenda comes to see whether or not a motion that commissioner francesca made and it was seconded by commissioner anson moran, a meeting to come about because you wanted to know about the southeast sector and i'm talking about the community college as well as the sewage plant. so far, that meeting have not been called. i've been waiting for your powerpoint, for someone to come and explain to you the purpose for all the things that has happened. this that i passed around shows what my community have gone through since the 60's, what other programs that we have supported and we have supported you, at least you know i have, making sure that the sewage plant stay in one location when other people want it to be moved out of the community. i think it i
we are ready for a "friday of anger" to demonstrate. >> it is friday. thanks for joining us. >> sig-alert affecting the drive. >> everyone was hoping for friday lite but we are not getting that. folks are seeing a last emergency vehicles are on scene and what happened northbound along 680 is a semi truck carrying 66,000 pounds of mail that is blocking all lanes. those who are stuck cannot get off or turn around and c.h.p. is out this and they say it will take possibly until 7:30 to re-open the lanes. the sig-alert is in effect until at least that time and possibly longer causing heavy lanes. the best alternate is mission boulevard from 680 or fremont connecting you to highway 4 and getting you back to 680. the drive is ruined. zero miles per hour. fog may have been a factor. mike nicco will tell us about that. >> at the of us are dealing with fog and there could be mist in the sunol grade so it could be a little wet. we are showing the hills are cloudy and foggy. novato is one mile. three quarters in santa rosa and half moon bay. that is the thickest nog. oakland is down to seven. s
a ton of energy. the iphone uses more energy than that of a refrigerator. 322 kilowatts an hour, the average iphone, 361, that includes the wi-fi, data usage and charging. it's not just smart phone, out of all the new technology we have, it uses about 10% of the world's energy pie. to put that another way, all the new technology together uses 50% more energy than global aviation uses. analysts say that the need for electricity will just keep growing because who knows how many devices or what types of devices we'll have in 20 years and we keep them on all the time. think about it, lighting and air conditioning you turn off but you don't turn off your phone or your dvr box. >>> facebook could become the new pay pal of the internet. they want to partner up with current shopping apps to just sign into their facebook account. to use the service, shoppers would have to save their credit or debit card information to facebook. some say that facebook will have a hard time going up against more established sites like he bay. >>> you think you have heard this before, obesity is bad for you
us understand that this is a very challenging time in iraq. the conflict in syria is having a very negative implications for iraq. we don't appreciate that. we don't understand that. his visit with us is to help us understand what this ally, and i say this word distinction lay. -- with distention. what the valet of living through and what we can do to help. i want to say thank you to the foreign minister for his leadership not only in iraq but in washington. will you please welcome this remarkable statesman, foreign minister zebari. [applause] >> thank you. much for your great introduction. and thank you, john, also for inviting us to the csis. and with this distinguished crowd, i know many of you in person. i worked with some of you. honored to be among you today on its friday. i am honored also, this could be the last lecture here in this building, so i have to honor the its newore he moves to building. this is another honorary thing. thank you. i am here to offer a view from iraq and the region. being honest and frank with you, really i will devote most of my time to the questio
into the streets. >> authorities have told riot police they can use deadly force to protect themselves and key state institutions. >> our tra diditional cooperati cannot continue when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> "the washington post" found the national security agency breaks privacy rules and oversteps legal boundaries thousands of times a year. >> still a mystery, what cautioned the u.p.s. cargo plane to crash in birmingham? >> federal investigators say there's no evidence the plane was on fire or suffered engine problems. >> a strong earthquake in new zealand this morning. no injuries are being reported. >> a great-grandmother claims bob filner forced her to kiss him. >> i feel the right thing is for you to go. >> hannah anderson didn't say a word as she arrived at a fund-raiser for her family. >> a woman suspected of shoplifting mailed a break for it across a highway. police are still looking for her. >> a chinese zoo tried to pass off a dog as an african lion. >> he began barking. nothing like a lion, is it? >> jonathan boston. >> and all that matters. >> a 911 dispatcher
thousands of times. what about the assurances president obama gave us a week ago. was he being, shall we say, selective with the truth? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." breaking news in our national lead. moments ago governor chris christie gave a conditional veto for medical marijuana for sick children. he says he is sending the bill back and asking for two changes and then he says he'll sign it. one change, instead of edible forms of marijuana available for everyone, he wants it available only for minors. and two, though adults using medical marijuana only need to sign off with one physician, he wants children to receive approval from both a pediatrician and a psychiatrist in order to be able to get medical mayrijuana and only one of them needs to be registered with the state. this came just two days after a father publicly confronted and asked him -- begged him to sign the bill on behalf of his ailing 2-year-old daughter, vivian. >> we've been trying to get in touch with you. we're wondering what the holdup is. it's been two months now. >> these are compli
and kissed me. >> 67-year-old peggy shannon. she works as a senior center and uses a cane. >> i am a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. >> she's accuser number 16. >> bob filner needs to resign now. >>> also -- day of rage. egypt on edge and america closely watching. the conflict getting critical as both sides now criticizing the united states. >>> plus, a major nationwide dog and cat food recall. big brands you probably use. >>> and it's true, it's there. it's real. beware of the little men, they might really be watching. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." ♪ >>> good morning to you, thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello and we begin with our first look at hannah anderson since the fbi helped rescue her. also disturbing new evidence found at the home of the man accused of kidnapping her and killing her mother and brother. that evidence includes condoms, boxes for handcuffs and letters from hannah. cnn's casey wian is live in san diego this morning with more. good morning, casey. >> good morning, carol. you know, at that first public appearance by hannah ander
with how the u.s. trained the man behind egypt's military takeover, but we begin with correspondent leland vitter live in jerusalem where it is early morning. hi, leland. >> reporter: good evening, john. in cairo, a state of martial law. tanks, armored personnel carriers and soldiers around with automatic weapons. the violence we saw today was a little different as residents of cairo took up arms against the brotherhood, angry that those members had turned their city into something of an urban battlefield, as egypt as a whole inches closer to civil war. flames burning through floor after floor of an office building marked the end of an epic battle for ramsey square. following mass funerals and noon prayers, tens of thousands of protesters began to converge, among them, gunmen firing their ak-47s ahead of the coming battle. the military will fall, said this man, in route. a few minutes later they attacked a police station, bringing the chaos of war, complete back to you. >> looks like it is going to go on some time. thanks. >>> the best and brightest military minds from all over the world c
or the fact that use the fees properly by having the full utilization of this body that every other permit holder that has a permit, liquor permits, zoning permit, entertainment permit, conditional use permit, that has the ability to come before this body should have the same ability, it shouldn't be different, but things have changed, chris hayashi and her staff are doing a much better job and have better tools to come up with better records so i think it is important to maybe look at the hearing officer's decision, decide when you accept it or send it back rather than point blankly just saying that we're not going to accept it, and my only concern, if there's more evidence, it should be allowed and i think that's the one port that's the important part here is that if there's new evidence by somebody who has heard something, that should be able to go back to the hearing officer because this body may not have all the information and how the taxi industry operates. >> thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? i don't see any, commissioners. >> okay. >> i'll start. i'm not p
. as psychologists, we study abnormal behavior. anita shows distribution, most of us in here. you get anybody out here who is externalizing or anyone out here who is internalizing, as a psychologist, we try to bring them back in here so they're more healthy. that's what we study. when you're having problems in your life or any other area, if we can do something, talking to you versus talk therapy or medicine that might help you, what we're trying to do is get everybody back here so we're just kind of more balanced. with respect to the traumatic brain injuries and other types of things, that's much simpler for people to kind of understand that you had a concussive event or you had a t.b.i., traumatic brain injury, that's caused problems. we should be developing ways of helping to manage and treat those problems just like we do individuals who have the other types of problems. >> let me just add one thing there, which is it's a good question, but it highlights one of the challenges of introducing neuroscience today in the courtroom. at kent showed you some of his slides and mentioned during his tal
of the government's spying program says the court's ability to do so is limited. john sununu joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> with the news breaking, certainly an expansion of what we have been hearing about the nsa in terms of swpying. your thoughts? >> two things. a lot of what happens in an agency, even the nsa, is a reflection of the culture they see from the top. you have a. president and administration that levels in going beyond the box f you will, that they are limited to by law. i think that seeped all the way down into the nsa. even though the audit says i think it's in the last year they point out there's nearly 3,000 violati violations, it does say that the bulk of them were "accidental or ined a ver tant." that's just a reflection of a sloppy attitude that i think flows from a culture that starts in the president's office. >> you know, i think maybe one instance where some privacy was broken. that might be an act that was inadverte inadvertent, but you're talking about thousands. they overstepped thousands of times. if that doesn't put them on notice. plus you have the
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